Impotent and Power Hungry: The Rise of the American Snitch Culture

“Truth to Power” is a nauseatingly overused and misapplied social meme. But it applies here. The slug-like lifeforms who live to ruin others with secret information have the power. The truth is not backing down. Stand your ground. Not necessarily Florida style, but all the same, remind the world that people who destroy things are inherently worse people than those that build.

Feminist Freelancer, Moira Donegan, Cops to Creating the ‘Shitty Media Men’ List

The female equivalent of the irritating male bro bandwagon culture are the perpetually outraged butch haired feminist writers lining the streets of magazine outlet Manhattan and the pressed juice bars therein. Both encased in bubbles of their own making, an orthodoxy without any evidence of outcome success. Moira Donegan outed …