Gloria Allred Hooked Up McKayla Maroney With Pedo Blood Money

The McKalya Maroney calling out of USA Gymnastic for allowing a ravenous pedophile to be the official team doctor story got more complicated this week. There’s word that Maroney took a check for $1.25 million last year to remain quiet on the unfolding Dr. Larry Nassar matter. Or, $1.25 million minus the fat cut to her attorney, Gloria Allred. Naturally. It’s like Slugworth showing up during a candy recipe scandal.

Maroney’s new attorney, John Manly, a serious attorney who’s represented victims in the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal, filed suit against USA Gymnastics this week looking to quash provisions of the paid confidentiality agreement Maroney signed last year when repped by Allred. This in anticipation of USA Gymnastics having the legal footing to start demanding their money back from Maroney for violating her non-disclosure. While gross in nature, the contract was paid for in full.

Maroney’s lawsuit includes tons more super horrible shit about Nassar, including that time in Tokyo he examined her fully naked on a table with his dick and fingers. She was fifteen. The new Maroney lawsuit insists that you can’t lawfully make a girl sign an NDA to cover up pedo rape.

USA Gymnastics looks super shitty and horrible in this matter, but fired back with all they have in their arsenal — you and your sleaze-ball helmet-head attorney took our cash, and it was your idea:

“In 2016, McKayla’s attorney at the time, Gloria Allred, approached USA Gymnastics, requesting that the organization participate in a confidential mediation process. USA Gymnastics cannot speak to the mediation process, which is confidential and privileged under California law.”

That Allred/Bloom attorney mother/daughter duo are never tiring proponents of principally defending victimized women. Except when a seven figure offer is on the table, then it’s time to get super practical. Not like you can stop all the pedos and harassers. Might as well get yours while you can.

It may be that the dirty deal that went down violated some technical aspects of California law, but now everybody looks super damn unsympathetic for taking the hush money. See Rose McGowan as an example. Not that Allred personally cares; nobody’s taking his dick and rubbing it over her body as she lay naked on an exam table. At least until she’s in the morgue, then maybe the creepy coroner.

Photo credit: Instagram